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Speed Works is owned and run by Bill Fulkrod. Bill is a master technician capable of handling all aspects of maintaining and running Ferrari's and other exotic road and race cars. Engine rebuilds, transmission rebuilds, restoration, body repairs, track support, transportation etc., whether street or track can all be handled by Speed Works.

Bill is ably assisted by Ryan O'Loughlin and Tom Dodd Jr. Ryan has huge race track experience as a successful crew chief and technician. He works on the race car side of the business acting as crew chief for Speed Works clients. Tom Dodd Jr is Speed Works resident electronics engineer guru, handling customer street cars and race cars. His analysis and work are second to none.

In addition Speed Works has their own in house pro race driver and coach Chris Hall www.racingcoach.org. Chris works hand in hand with Speed Works customers and along with crew chief Ryan Loughlin obtains the very best out of their customers. Not only improving their driving techniques but also their track/race car itself. Chris use's data analysis and video for development purposes and will also ride and drive with customers where possible. 

Speed Works is your true one stop street and track shop.

Our Services

- Mechanics & Service Street & Track

- Car Restoration

- Body Work Repairs

- Race Car Preparation

- Transportation & Track Side Support

- Driver Coaching & Car Development

- Vehicle Storage

Opening Hours

8am to 5pm weekdays

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Contact Us

Osteen, Florida USA

Tel: (407) 688-1120 or


       (954) 536-4039





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